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Great News Update!

Sports Finest Magazine has some exciting news to share!!!!!
We have a sister magazine!  Look at!!!!!! Sports In Motion will cover the Northern Michigan with great coverage and pictures!!!! We are so excited to be a part of this magazine.Tuscola's Stars! In recognitionof outstanding contribution and volunteerism to the community of Tuscola County 2018

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We are excited to be writing for Sports Finest Magazine as a way to reach out to regional coaches, athletes, and parents.  We will write about how to develop physical ability, mental toughness, and emotional maturity.  Our goal is excellence, always. We look to improve competitive readiness and success. We are looking forward to building relationships with local Michigan athletes, coaches and parents as we help build and improve our children’s athletic careers.

Sports Finest Magazine (SFM) is unlike any other printing to come out of Michigan. A
magazine that you will feel actively involved in the beauty and dynamics of: the Field, the Track,
and the Arenas. Sports Finest will be there to cover ALL SPORTS and KIDS OF ALL
In this issue, we have brought to you, an assortment of baseball, soccer, track, horse activities of all ages. We have great articles in this issue about training, nutrition, sports teams and their coaches plus so much more. Just a reminder: If you would like to appear in Sports Finest Magazine, we would like to hear from you with your schedule!! Feel free to send schedules to our email, Facebook, or website! WE look forward to seeing you soon at events and games!!!
This 9x12 Full Glossy Magazine is ready to give you what you’ve been searching for with all
the pictures, articles, and education you can handle. A special shout out to our Advertisers, Sponsors,
Photographers, Friends and Family for making this magazine possible. A Special thanks
to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers as we continue to work on getting Dale Janks
home and healthy.

To do a better job of presenting our content and integrating yours, we've designed the site to accommodate your thoughts and ideas., You will find SFM, Sports Finest Magazine easier and more fun to use in this form. That form is constantly evolving, so let us know what you'd like to see. We not only welcome your feedback, we rely on it. We hope you share our excitement about magazine and its endless possibilities. Please return often to participate and watch us continue to grow.

 A Special THANK YOU To our Advertisers who believed in us for our first issue. Thank You to all our Team at SFM , Family and Friends that helped make this happen!!!! This is an amazing new magazine for kids of all ages and all sports!!! Please visit our advertisers for copies or give us a call here at SFM Call (989) 545-0735 and we will make sure you get copies!!!!!! IF you would like to advertise in our magazine click on our contact page and send us an email. Thanks Again!!!!

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